In the US, the Russian Su-57 was called a fighter-failure

The United States called on Russia to disclose all the failures of the Su-57 project.

Russian fighters of the fifth generation Su-57 are considered among the best in the world, however, according to American experts, in reality, Russia hides all the negative around this aircraft. According to The Diplomat, Russian officials are trying to avoid questions related to the adoption of these aircraft by Russia, and the purchase of the Russian Defense Ministry only 12 combat aircraft indicates the fact that this fighter is not endowed with any prospects.

The American edition reports that after a number of statements that by the 2019, several fifth-generation combat aircraft will appear in service with the Russian army, Russian officials have generally stopped clarifying what exactly the number of Su-57 fighter jets are talking about. analysts from the United States, suggests that the Russian aircraft manufacturers have serious problems with this aircraft.

"If we take into account the data of Russian media, then by 2020, and not by 2019, the actual number of Su-57 fighters put into service can be only two", - reports the American edition of "The Diplomat".

According to American experts, Russia faced a number of problems, including the revealed fighter’s flaws, lack of sufficient funding, termination of cooperation with India on the FGFA program, etc., which makes it possible to characterize the Russian fifth-generation plane as a fighter-failure.

Of course, failure, and they have a good F-35. This is very good, our main thing is 1200 pieces for 5 years of this unsuccessful rive, Ise.

Yeah, SU-57 is a failure, because the cost price at the level of 30-40 million dollars - brought to the generation generation 5 + with a huge modernization potential! FU-22 is golden, and FU-35 with 1000 is flawed! Here they are technological giants))

And F-35 and F-22, like, good luck? )))
On which the pilots refused to fly, because no one wanted to go on the last flight. (And this is without any fighting!))