Russian Air Force


In the US, Russia was called invincible

American experts called Russia invincible.

Experts of the American resource "We are the Mighty" conducted research and found that to date there are five countries on the planet that can not be won in the war and won. According to experts in the military sphere, such countries include Russia, the United States, China, India and Afghanistan.

As the US military publication We are the Mighty reports, Russia can be destroyed, but it is impossible to win and win it.

"The Russians will rather destroy their country than leave it to any invader", - the article says.

Independent analysts, in turn, were very skeptical of the statement of their American colleagues, believing that Russia’s weapons have a unique weapon that can not only destroy any country from the existing ones, but also turn half of the planet into a desert.

"The United States is writing off Russia, and this is done solely for the purpose of propaganda. In fact, Russia has the most powerful Air Force on the planet, with which only one country can compete - the United States, but in addition to combat aircraft, Russia possesses unique weapons, including combat lasers, electronic warfare, hypersonic missiles, long-range air defense and missile defense systems and . ", - said the analyst