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The US reported the costs of intercepting Iranian drones and missiles that attacked Israel

US Navy Secretary Carlos del Toro on Wednesday announced significant spending for the US Navy to counter Iran's missile attack on Israel and Houthi attacks in the region. According to him, almost a billion dollars have already been spent on ammunition, which requires immediate additional funding.

Del Toro clarified that SM-2 and SM-6 missiles were used during the conflict, and last weekend - SM-3 missiles. This is the first combat use of the SM-3 missiles, which cost between $9,7 million and $27,9 million per unit. During the Iranian attack on Israel, between four and seven such missiles were launched. The SM-2 missiles cost more than $2 million, while the SM-6 costs about $3,9 million.

Such spending coincides with statements from Israel, which also reported spending nearly a billion dollars to intercept Iranian attacks. During the attack, all Israeli warplanes were scrambled for fear of their bases being bombed.

Del Toro added that American and British forces were able to intercept more than 100 Iranian drones that attempted to attack outside Israel. The measures come after the start of the Iranian attack on April 13, sparked by the killing of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps officers in an Israeli raid on the Iranian consulate in Damascus in early April.


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