Fighter F-35


In the US, confirmed that F-35 has a "Russian origin"

In the USA, the “Russian origin” of the F-35 fighter is recognized

An analytical resource "Task & Purpose" published material, which provides evidence that the Americans were able to build a fifth-generation fighter F-35 due to the fact that they used the basis of Soviet technology. "The National Interest" also provides evidence that "American DNA" is present at the base of the American fighter. This indicates the specific fighter aircraft Yak-141. At the same time, it is recognized that the American machine is not an exact copy of the Soviet one, but without the solutions worked out in the Yak-141 with the F-35 machine, there was little to succeed.

According to TNI's estimates, the Yak-141 fighter was supposed to "close" most of the requests of the Soviet Navy, as well as the USSR armed forces, which existed for airplanes providing quick response. However, due to a number of problems, this program was not completed in the USSR. The fighter for quite a long time was recognized as a secret project. But here ended the "cold war", the Yak-141 began to show at various exhibitions. As a result, American companies simply copied, slightly modifying its take-off and landing system with a rotating engine nozzle.

For two years, from 1995 to 1997, the Yakovlev Design Bureau and Lockheed Martin company continued their partnership. The deadline is quite sufficient to obtain information about technologies and technological solutions, and then the American partners refused to work together with the Russian design bureau.

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In Yugoslavia, knocked V2

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Yugoslavia shot down one F-117 stealth aircraft for the entire conflict, with NATO aircraft hammering Serbia for half a year.

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Stealth technology is also of Soviet origin and came to the US before

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What kind of claims? The Americans designed the aircraft, the stealth technology, the race could not do this, the unique radar equipment, the engines were also American, the only thing that the Soviet had was a rotary nozzle !! Russia itself transferred all the documentation of the Yak-141 rotary nozzle to them, and which ones questions or statements.


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