Cruise missile


In the US, they laughed at Putin's missile

The United States of America spoke about the "fiasco" of Putin's missile.

The newest Russian cruise missile with a nuclear power plant, which Russian President Vladimir Putin said back in March of this year, according to the American television channel CNBC does not pose any danger to the United States. This is due, primarily, to the fact that the last facts cited, which, however, did not find official confirmation that the rocket had flown by just two minutes, fell to the ground. All this caused a lively interest and ridicule from American experts.

"According to the estimates of the United States of America, the longest test flight lasted more than two minutes, during which the missile overcame 22 miles, after which, having lost control, it crashed. The shortest test lasted only four seconds with a flight of five miles ", - follows from the statement of "CNBC".

“Putin’s cruise missile, which supposedly can fly half the world, is the most dangerous weapon only for Russia itself. The last test of its launch allowed the rocket to fly only 22 miles, which is why, in its actual use, only Russia itself will suffer, which speaks so boastfully about the presence of weapons of the future ”, - said the US military analyst Michael Sizard.

"It is likely, we are talking about the same wooden rocket, which was present at the Victory Parade. Should we be afraid of it? ", - reads the message published in the social network "Facebook".

Asked by Russian journalists, Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary of the Russian president, did not confirm or deny the arguments of the American television channel CNBC, calling only "... listen to the president of the Russian Federation and believe him ...".

"Two unsuccessful tests of a Russian cruise missile with a nuclear power plant, according to American journalists, does not mean that Russia has not approached the creation of such weapons. Such launches are test cases, and therefore it is not necessary to talk about the complete failure of Russian engineers and designers ", - said the expert

Earlier, a rocket with a nuclear power plant caused a serious panic in the US, as moving with hypersonic speed, it would in fact remain immune to missile defense systems.

Well, we must confirm that it (the rocket) exists to fly over the US that not only Trump saw but also his experts

And these engines they buy from us ...

"The shortest test lasted only four seconds with a flight of five miles."
What do they carry .. 8 kilometers in 4 seconds? This is 2 km / s from the start!

Have you talked to anyone now?

Pindosovskie analysts, are you better than Psiaki?

He laughs well who laughs without consequences. Let's see ...

Analysts pindosnye your mother. We are told about such people in Russia. "One grandmother said."

All these are the crooks of my opinion if it happened about this, not who would not recognize

Chicks in the fall believe that if we manage to create such a rocket, we'll create it, remember how many unsuccessful starts the Queen had, but he did not give up and did not drop his hands, and our cosmonaut flew first into space.

Who will tell you about the secret weapon, that's what they compose.

All the complexes and technologies created and used by the US correspond to the MKM postulates of CC objects in the RS for the OP and do not correspond to the methods "CA OS in NS and NP physics" without hypotheses with generalized factors of impacts and interactions based on NEDISS

I do not know where and what fell during the tests, but judging by the fact that the Pindos "does not bother" about what they yell at every corner, the rear valve poisons.

In my opinion, no one said that the rocket is already ready for all 100% now are testing. The main thing is that it is there and when it is brought to mind, they will laugh or hiccup.

American pilots who quit their fear of the seen fighters, should give untapped diapers to the generals !!!!

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The Defense Ministry plans to show right after the World Cup. Be patient!

Are they laughing? so this is good !! When the enemy laughs at you, there are two options, or he does not expect a decent answer from you or laughs out of fear !! Both are good for us! In the first case, getting a pen under the backside will think in the second 100 time will think !!!

He laughs the one who laughs last. McCain is not laughing anymore?

Let them spill while, exceptional such shows like, soon their generals like it usually happens to run to ask for money to defend themselves against the new "wooden" Putnin missiles.

"Tsiplyat in the fall consider" ... "It's good to laugh at that who laughs last" -Russian proverbs (especially for Amers)

Personally for me - the main indicator is "CNBC" !!! Other media either are silent, or it is printed on the last page !!! And for any adequate person the conclusion is one - "one must believe" !!! But something tells me that if it was true - this would be trumpeted by all media at least a month !!! And here only the "elite" CNBC - media No. 1 on the planet !!!

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We are afraid of pindos, do not finish. In fact, some parts of the rocket were not wooden, but already plastic, made of secret pipes for chimneys.

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Allo, garage !? even if it fell, we are talking about a test flight, which the Americans themselves confirmed. Would you like to test it in action ???

The next wanderling of the Russian production. How amazing that with so many powerful weapons, Russia is playing with militants in Syria. So far, everything is only in words ...