Fighter YF-23


In the US will be the third fifth-generation fighter

In the US, the third type of fighter of the fifth generation is being developed.

According to the available resource, aircraft builders from the United States are working on the creation of the newest fighter of the fifth generation. The new aircraft is developed on the basis of the YF-23 fighter model "Black Widow", which previously lost the tender to another fighter-F-22.

According to the source, the new fifth-generation fighter will be designed for export to other countries, in particular, it is about Japan, because for objective reasons Washington refuses to supply its F-22 fighters to this country (as well as to other countries of the world). Ed.). Experts believe that if the US is really developing a new type of fighter of the fifth generation, then this can create serious problems for the two potential opponents of the US - Russia and China, although the aircraft itself is positioned not as an offensive weapon, but as a defensive weapon.

According to military analysts, it may be about the same YF-23 fighter Black Widow, but updated in terms of avionics and powertrains, and adapted exclusively for deterring the enemy, and not for conducting offensive operations.

It should be clarified that there is no official confirmation of this information, but earlier the Pentagon had already announced that modified fifth-generation fighter aircraft would be delivered to the Japanese Air Force.