NATO Air Force


In the United States offered to attack Russia from the territory of Poland

In the US, they declared the need to neutralize Russia as an adversary.

The American edition of The National Interest has published an article in which it proposes not to allow a defeat in a hypothetical war between Russia and NATO, and to take all measures to neutralize, and in fact it is about destruction, Russia at the early stages.

As the newspaper notes, the main attention should be paid to the defense capability of Poland, since it is from the territory of this country that one can strike at Russian early warning systems, air defense and anti-missile defense systems.

“Polish troops could use their means of reconnaissance and launch strikes over long distances to attack Russian positions in Kaliningrad and Belarus, as well as deploy armored vehicles”- notes the publication of "The National Interest".

Experts point out that "strategy" The United States is similar to nonsense, because in the event of an attack on the same Kaliningrad region, Russia will immediately strike at NATO’s key strategic targets in Europe and the United States, not to mention the fact that Poland, which the US is trying to hope for , in general, may be erased from the face of Europe.

the third world must begin and end with the United States, for as soon as they are no longer world peace will come.

Do not you think that you need to start from the territory of Pindos?

Pindos live in the world of their propaganda militants seem to have lost all reality, the entire population was loaded with its "exclusivity", but by proxy. And what, Poland just fits the sacrifice, she did spread her legs so much that she considered herself the beloved wife. Well, the flag in her ass, or "Mace"

Rams need to be treated!

Idiots! And I would consolidate the lesson that we taught them once ..

history is repeated-2 world began with Poland, and you can start a third from here

They have only ambitions! For decades, they have inflated a bubble about themselves, as an exceptional power! And except for an empty talker, they no longer know how to do anything. They live in their illusions, they think narrowly and not far-sighted! ! Otherwise, you will not find it!

There are no suicides in Poland.

It so happened that in America all this rhetoric has long degenerated into a show and has nothing to do with the real state of affairs and the real intentions of the country. The main goal is to show oneself an eagle-eagle-strategist-superman in the eyes of local hamburger eaters.

Anglo-Saxopendos are furious about their powerlessness, they have already lost and there is no future for them and their shitts! For the Naglo-Saxon police regime, the end, the end, and their lackeys for lackeys ...

Again, polish from world maps to erase, you will not get enough gum.

Well, chudnno not pshekov .and the whole business. from the Germans, we saved them, they are not happy, easy to arrange pendosy will help and everything will be as they wanted

And you don’t feel sorry for pshekov, and besides, while you are attacking from the territory of Poland, we’re going to beat America, and Poland, as well as the entire geyrop, who have American bases.
You still do not understand that you have already lost the war, we have bypassed you for several generations. And only we can decide who will live on this planet, and who will get out, along with the Americans to hell. Tell your ginger clown that he lost. Chmoshniki!

Already crows fly over Poland! Sorry beautiful Warsaw

Well, it will not be on the world map of Poland - just think, the problem !!! And all that !!!
After that, I think, the rest of the “willing” will start persistent enuresis with diarrhea ...

In the amerozoklyatnik that, the new Fuhrer wound up? And I didn’t come up with anything else but to attack us from Poland? Interestingly, did he read something about his predecessor?

I do not understand a damn? There that, in strategy on computers have learned to win? so these are two big differences. or after the game, go for some coffee, or sit with a broken face in captivity. Pindosia really does not value either their own or someone else's life. Okay, we will not win, so then no one will win. there will be a desert. or Pindos pshekskih films seen enough "sex mission", too, allegedly after a nuclear war.

Let them strike from Poland ... We will strike from Venezuela ...

only then and not later, and then the territory from which the attack took place

and that there -kaliningrad - the fat-wolves of the whole world zadolbaly like zhevyh-you are already crazy about lack of work-soon the bitches clone Stalin and he will show you all the fuck-and-grandmother

Strange people! They think that Russia will get involved in an ordinary, non-nuclear war, they think that Putin is joking. No, Russia will immediately launch a nuclear strike on US cities. In Russia, people are just waiting for an attack.