Patriot complex


In the US, recognized the uselessness of complexes "Patriot"

The American Patriot SAMs are useless in real combat.

A publication appeared in the American journal Foreign Policy, in which Patriot air defense systems were criticized. These systems are supplied by the United States to various countries. According to the magazine, such an air defense system in a real battle is simply useless.

The publication describes how the 25 of March 2018 of the “Patriot” air defense system, belonging to Saudi Arabia, was used against the Hussite rebel missiles. They launched seven ballistic missiles from Yemen. The city of Riyadh was chosen as the target. The fact of the shelling of Saudi Arabia was confirmed, with the stated that the country's air defense intercepted all missiles. Such information was presented in the publication “Foreign Policy”.

Jeffrey Lewis, the author of the article, director of the East Asian Program at the Center for the Study of Nonproliferation of International Studies, noted that the information presented “turned out to be untrue”.

“There is no evidence that the Saudis intercepted at least one Hussite missile. Because of this, there are very uncomfortable questions for both Saudi Arabia and the States, which manufactured and delivered the Patriot air defense system.- said the journalist.

As it was told in “Foreign Policy”, on the frames placed in social networks of video clips, it is clear how the Saudi “Patriot” air defense missile systems launch their interceptor missiles, but these missiles do not fulfill their goals. The video shows that one of the antimissiles almost immediately explodes in the air, the second one, turning on 180 degrees, falls to the ground and explodes. The author of the publication reports that the wreckage of the missiles, falling to the ground, killed at least one person, and another two were injured and sent to a medical facility.

According to the author of the publication, these American air defense systems, which the United States supplied the Saudis - "This is a complete mess". The author emphasizes that he does not intend to conceal the inefficiency of military equipment made in the USA. This was the reason for the publication of the material. The author believes that, most likely, the air defense system, advertised by the United States and sold throughout the world, is useless in real combat.