Su-57 and F-15


In the US, they told how the outdated F-15 can beat the Su-57, but there are nuances

In the US, they told ka to win the Su-57, but there are nuances.

American experts with relative regularity evaluate Russian military equipment, comparing it with their counterparts, or simply with something similar. Engaged in this and the media of the United States of America. Recently, the assessment was carried out edition of "The National Interest". The author of the publication compared the American fighter F-15C with the Russian Su-57.

According to him, currently the F-15C Eagle is a rather outdated machine, but at the same time it is the most common fighter of the US Air Force. Russian aircraft "American" loses in a number of characteristics. Given the current situation, the author concludes that in the event of a conflict, Russia will have an advantage in the air.

The National Interest reported that Lockheed Martin was developing a system that detects stealth fighters. It can increase the chances of the F-15C, if it meets in a confrontation with the fifth-generation Russian fighter Su-57.

Assistant to the American car will be the system "Legion". Due to it, he can remain in the ranks and even participate in the battle against Russian and Chinese fighters. This system, as the author of the publication reports, will be installed on the F-15C and on the F-22.

The system is based on the long-wave infrared spectrum. Fighter fifth generation simply can not suppress it.

Being equipped with the Legion module, the F-15C will nullify the advantage of the secrecy that the Su-57 has. As soon as he discovered the Russian fighter, he would be able to attack him from a far distance using Raytheon AMRAAM missiles.

However, the author of the publication immediately makes a clarification: in the event that the attacked Su-57 leaves from defeat, he will have such advantages that the American fighter cannot escape, regardless of any modules.

The F-15C has excellent opportunities for aiming in the direction of the "head" of the aircraft. Su-57 has the same quality. "As the teachings show, such abilities in most cases," concludes the author, "lead to the mutual destruction of fighters."

However, the module has not yet been received by the American fighter. The Legion system itself is under development. So the benefits that Lockheed Martin talks about are just lines on paper.

How interesting, but the tanks are generally afraid to compare,
as if Russia does not have them, probably from this comparison manure flows from mattresses.