Hypersonic weapon


In the US, told about countermeasures against the Russian "Daggers", "Zircons" and "Vanguards"

The US is developing a missile defense system to combat hypersonic weapons

For the next five years, the United States will allocate at least 10 billions of dollars to develop hypersonic offensive and defensive weapons. The company Northrop Grumman, one of the main suppliers of the US military, declared a desire for its own place in the emerging market of creating protection against hypersonic weapon systems.

As stated by Kenn Todorov, vice president for missile defense solutions and defense against hypersonic systems, traditional missile defense does not protect against new weapons. In this connection, completely different approaches are required. The company is considering various options, including kinetic.

Northrop Grumman is known for its aggressive marketing campaigns that help it promote its conceptual solutions. For example, in 2014, the company ignored a request from the US Air Force that turned to companies competing in the Long Range Attack Bomber program to be more restrained. Moreover, she issued a real shaft of PR publications on television, radio and in print media.

Such hype caused the real anger of a number of major military officials. However, the company managed to win the contract. Soon he became a promising strategic bomber B-21.

The level of aggression the company reaches this time is not known, but the fact that Northrop Grumman has already launched the corresponding site, and even appealed to journalists, proving that it has hopes to take a strong position in the new hypersonic defense market, speaks about serious attitude and work ahead of the curve.

Todorov and Joanna Cangianelli, the head of the corporation for the development of a business in the field of anti-missile defense and counter-hypersonic systems, have already published a plan, which, of course, is strategic. It has three main points. The first one deals with kinetic interceptors, which will be based on existing technologies, and which will carry out interception on the terminal and glide slope phases. The second is to use non-kinetic capabilities. First of all - it is cyber and electronic warfare, as well as directed energy systems. The third is about systems of command, control and coordination.

It is reported that first of all the corporation will develop an orbital interception system. Cangianelli specifies that further there will be other systems based on technologies that are under development.

In detail, both corporate executives do not fit. Nor do they answer the question about the ability of non-kinetic systems to destroy hypersonic weapons in the early phase of flight. Todorov merely clarified that it is impossible to use the existing interceptors against hypersonic weapons. There will be no effect from them.

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