In the USA, they talked about claims for the entry of US Navy ships into the Black Sea

The United States rejected claims for the entry into the Black Sea of ​​American warships.

The unexpected appearance of the USS Ross missile destroyer in the waters of the Black Sea forced Russia to send its aircraft and patrol ships to it, which, in fact, met an American naval vessel at the very entrance to the Black Sea, pretty scaring the crew with their appearance. However, the U.S. Navy command rejected all claims and reported that U.S. ships could appear here with a fixed frequency, and the current goal is to ensure security in the region.

«This is the first time that a U.S. Navy ship has visited the Black Sea since the beginning of 2020. Ross was the last ship to visit the Black Sea in 2019, marking 8 calls by the US Navy last year. “With this visit, we are consistently strengthening our relationship with our Black Sea partners,” said Commander John D. John, commander of Ross. “Regular operations in the Black Sea are critical to creating a safe marine environment and ensuring freedom of navigation.” Ship operations in the Black Sea will strengthen engagement with NATO allies and partners and demonstrate collective resolve for Black Sea security as part of Operation Atlantic Decision. ”- it is said on the official website of the U.S. Navy.

Specialists, in turn, note that US actions in the region are provocative and directed primarily against Russia, however, any provocations will be stopped.

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