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In the US, told why the atomic drones "Poseidon" are not afraid

In the US, explained why the Russian "Poseidon" is only a “threat on paper”.

Referring to representatives of the American intelligence service, the American television channel CNBC stated that neither now nor for the next few years could the Russian nuclear submarine Poseidon pose any danger to the United States. This is primarily due to the fact that the atomic drones themselves will be put into service only in the 2027 year, and this is on condition that the tests will be carried out successfully.

At the same time, the United States pays attention to the fact that the use of Poseidon is a fallback option if Russia does not give an opportunity to carry out a nuclear strike with intercontinental ballistic missiles.

“This is a Russian submarine, which is difficult to detect and which produces a drone with a nuclear warhead, which is difficult to hit. The Russians strongly hope to use an autonomous underwater nuclear-powered machine working on nuclear energy as a response to a strike if during the war they are denied the possibility of launching nuclear weapons from the times of the USSR ”- said the spokesman "CNBC".

According to the TV channel, the Russian Poseidon will pose a serious danger only in 8 years, however, today, in fact, we are talking about a prototype that has not even been tested.

You can delete the photo of An-124-100 of Volga-Dnepr Airlines, which is not related to this news.

Molodtsi think well and as I understand love your homeland, this is commendable. Thank you guys.

Yes, the Pindos have a terrible weapon and these are the avengers who are afraid

Do you have a lift at least sometimes works.? and as the previous Jamaican decrees.

If a nuclear explosion is created in the Marian depression, then there will not even be more than one plate that does not move but will reach the top until it is completely extinct. On the right is not read. But if Poseidon shows itself off the coast, it will be a big surprise for America.

Weapons since the USSR ...
Funny) And what about the US has offensive nuclear weapons younger? Is there at least one rocket of this class to make 30 years younger?) It is extremely funny ...
What is there? Minuteman-3 so young?))) If such "modern", then what on B-52 fly? Oh, there are no others? And sho B-2 Spirit for 22 milardy ??? Ah, it does not carry a rocket and has already been scorched by any of our interceptions of the last “Soviet” years ...
I agree - Poseidon is not dangerous yet and hell knows - will it be dangerous at all, but about obsolete nuclear weapons, at least, they wouldn’t grunt)

I generally agree that for the states our Poseidons, Sarmatians, Yarsy and others are not scary, because the dead are not afraid of anything.

Poseidon is needed first for the destruction of port cities, so that the enemy could not smuggle his troops across the ocean en masse.

Somewhere I read an article about what would happen if the Mariana Trench was blown up by a jadren-loaf. And if you recall the words of the president - Why do we need a world without Russia ?, then Poseidon will be the last weapon that the world will see.