In the US, they decided to make the Su-57 fighter a "target" and "attack" it

In the US, they intend to launch a “hunt” for Russian Su-57 fighters.

The commander of the US Air Force 57 Air Wing Robert Novotny decided to make a real target out of the Russian Su-57 fighter. Despite the fact that today these fighters are present exclusively on the territory of the Russian Federation, the US Air Force command has come up with an unusual way out of this situation, repainting at least one of its F-16C fighters into the camouflage colors of a Russian combat aircraft.

The network already has photos of an American fighter imitating a fifth-generation Russian aircraft, and, as experts note, the colors are almost perfectly similar to the camouflage colors of the Russian Su-57.

As the commander of the 57 th wing of the United States Air Force Robert Novotny said, the repainted fighter is perfect for practicing the attack on Russian fifth-generation combat aircraft and thereby train young pilots.

Russia has not yet responded to such actions by the US military, but this case is far from the only one, in particular, several months earlier it became known that a fighter appeared in the US, whose camouflage colors repeat another Russian combat aircraft - Su-35 .

An interesting experience can be learned.