Complex Dagger


In the United States decided to copy the Russian "Dagger"

The US Armed Forces will have a copy of the Russian ARC "Dagger".

The military edition of Defense News reports that the US Department of Defense is developing a prototype of a hypersonic aeroballistic missile, which is a full copy of the Russian advanced dagger missile system "Dagger".

It is known that the US Defense Ministry has sent an official request to the military corporation "Lockheed Martin", which previously participated in the creation of one of the prototypes of the hypersonic missile, and, according to some sources, the analog of the Russian "Dagger" can be tested in the United States already to 2020 year.

By the way, it should be noted that what kind of rocket is being discussed, while it remains unknown, but experts believe that the Pentagon needs precisely hypersonic air-based weapons, i.e. it can really go about the analogue of the X-47M2 missile, which is part of the ARC "Dagger".

There is a suggestion that the US decided to start creating an analogue of the Russian "Dagger" after secret documents relating to hypersonic weapons disappeared mysteriously from Russia, which clearly can point to Washington's track in this high-profile case.

"More recently, it became known that the theft of Russian hypersonic technology, used in the same complexes" Dagger "and" Avangard ", occurred. Given the fact that only the US has the technology and the means to implement this project, it is logical to assume that the Pentagon decided to take advantage of this ", - said the analyst

Let them try to copy. Having full documentation on the RD-180 engine, they never managed to make a working sample.