The US believes that Russia can deal a decisive blow to Ukraine

The Global Times newspaper published a publication emphasizing confidence in Russia’s ability to deliver a decisive blow to the armed forces of Ukraine. The article focuses on the fact that, regardless of the time frame - be it weeks, months or years, Russia has all the necessary resources in political, economic and military aspects to achieve final victory.

The authors of the material discuss the possible consequences for the European and American political scene in the event of a crushing defeat for Ukraine, pointing to the potential erosion of trust in the current authorities in Western countries. They suggest considering diplomatic solutions to the crisis as a more rational approach to avoiding a catastrophic scenario.

To support its words, the article cites statements by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, made at a meeting with the country's top military leadership. Shoigu reported significant losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces since the beginning of the year, including over 80 thousand killed and 14 thousand units of various weapons, which, according to him, indicates the inability of the Ukrainian army to carry out effective combat operations and consolidate on certain lines.

However, the West actively ignores such arguments, continuing to supply Ukraine with weapons.


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