Planning bomb


In the United States created a bomb that threatens the Russian C-400

The stealth bomb that the F-35 will receive will be able to fly more than 500 kilometers.

The United States continues to increase the capabilities of the fifth-generation F-35C fighter. It is provided with equipment and programs that allow to hit ground targets. Perhaps this ability will soon become his main task.

Recently, the US Navy announced the launch of a new AGM-154 stealth bombing or JSOW-ER series. The process should be completed by the end of 2023, while the bomb can be a very effective means of dealing with the Russian C-400 air defense system, whose effective radius of destruction is 400 kilometers, which is of concern to specialists.

The stealth bomb can be used by both the fourth-generation naval fighters Boeing F / A-18E / F Super Hornet and the newest F-35C, which should become the main aircraft of the American carrier-based aircraft.

On 7 February, the Naval Air Systems Command NAVAIR command of the Naval Air Systems Command announced its intention to sign a contract with Raytheon about its work related to the newest weapon system, known as JSOW-Extended Range, or JSOW-ER. It is reported that the ammunition will have compatibility with the US F-35A strike fighter.

It remains unclear whether the United States Air Force has to buy these missiles for its fighters. It should be clarified that the US Air Force has a large number of aircraft that can carry missiles with long and extra long range.

When introducing a new bomb into the F-35C ammunition, the US fleet will have new capabilities. If the Hamilton-Sundstrand TJ-150 turbojet engine is installed on the bomb, its range will be increased by 100 - 130 kilometers (in the base version), that is, to 560 kilometers. Using JSOW-ER, it will be possible to strike blows at the fundamentally protected objects, while the carrier aircraft will not enter the air defense strike zone.

That is, the US military were able to achieve the unification of the relative cheapness of guided bombs and the capabilities of cruise missiles. As for the warhead JSOW-ER, then its weight is 450 kilograms.

It should be clarified that the US military program with the F-35 is not always successful. So, some time ago it was reported that the first such fighters of the fifth generation, who were in the army, are likely to be decommissioned by the middle of the next decade. As it turned out, early serial machines have technical flaws.

As for the countries of Europe, they intend not to dwell on the manufacture of fifth-generation fighter jets, but to develop the sixth-generation machines.