The US is confident that Iran will strike Israel in the coming days or hours

According to Bloomberg, the situation in the Middle East is heating up every day: the American administration is convinced that Iran will soon try to launch a missile attack on Israel. The move is seen as a response to the April Israeli airstrike on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, which killed Syrian civilians and Iranian military advisers.

According to an analysis presented in the Bloomberg material, a possible strike would be carried out by precision-guided missiles. As the American side suggests, not only the Iranian armed forces, but also pro-Iranian groups based in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen can undertake its implementation. The information that served as the basis for such assumptions came from the intelligence services of Israel and the United States.

US officials believe Iran is likely to target military or government targets in Israel while avoiding attacks on civilian targets to minimize possible charges of violations of international law. Despite this, such a development risks causing a new wave of escalation in the Middle East and potentially drawing a significant number of participants into the conflict, including the United States.


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