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In the United States admire the capabilities of the S-500 SAM systems "Prometheus"

The Russian anti-aircraft missile system S-500 "Prometheus" struck American experts.

The newest Russian anti-aircraft missile system S-500, which is today a promising system of anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense, made an indelible impression on US military experts. This is evidenced by an article published by The National Interest.

According to experts, the Russian anti-aircraft missile system C-500 Prometheus is unconditionally a promising development, which is facilitated not only by the ability to destroy targets developed with the use of technology of small radar visibility, but also the colossal range of the system, which, within the test launches, is able to hit goals at distances of 481 kilometer, and according to the data presented by the developers - at distances up to 600 kilometers.

I was also delighted that the innovative Russian development possesses different types of missiles that will be activated depending on the type of target, its speed and distance to it - a similar idea was not implemented in any of the air defense systems.

Specialists from the PRC were also delighted with the Russian development.

"The Russian complex" Prometheus "is a unique development. Only one complex is able to provide protection on an area of ​​1 million square meters. kilometers. It's just incredible! ", - reported in the publication "East Day".

It should be clarified that the newest air defense system C-500 "Prometheus" is planned to be adopted by the Russian army already by 2020, which will seriously strengthen Russia's defense capability, including from medium-range ballistic missiles.

The main thing for Russia is not to be Vorono from the fable ...


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