Victory over LIH


In the United States for the second time this week declared victory over the "LIH" in Syria

The United States reported on the deliverance of Syria from "Islamic state" *.

The Reuters news agency, citing White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, reports that Syria is no longer controlled by the Islamic State terrorist organization (ISIS, a terrorist group banned in the Russian Federation - ed.). US President Donald Trump has already been informed about this.

A small group of terrorists remained only on a small patch of the country's territory. They needed only to prepare for defeat and, as it is reported, “there is land”.

The fact that in the coming days, the last stronghold of "LIH" will be destroyed, Trump said the twentieth of March. The very next day, an international coalition led by the United States of America launched air strikes against jihadistam, whose camp was located near the city of Baguz (Deir-ee-Zor province ”.

This was the last shelter of militants who remained loyal to the self-proclaimed caliphate. Then the ground operation began. Fighters from the Kurdish-Arab factions of the Syrian Democratic Forces moved to the position of terrorists.

In 2014, the Islamic State captured significant territories in Syria and Iraq, on which a caliphate was proclaimed. As a result of the military operations in 2017, the group lost control of 90 percent of the occupied territories. An international coalition led by the United States and Russia, which Damascus made a formal request, fought against a terrorist organization.

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