Fighter F-35


In the US, released the 300 most unsuccessful aircraft in history

In the US, three hundred F-35 fighters were fired.

As follows from the official data, American aircraft manufacturers released the 300 fifth-generation F-35 fighter, which was the reason for criticism of experts who believe that the United States of America is conducting the most real fraud, offering its ally fighters in which there are almost a thousand different shortcomings , about a hundred of which represent an immediate danger to the operation of these aircraft.

“The United States launched the fifth-generation F-300 Fighter 35, completely unreasonably regarding them as the best aircraft in the world. This is not a reason for pride, but a cause for concern, since one of the most unsuccessful planes in history is adopting American allies with a lot of flaws. Already, the stealth technology has been wiped out thanks to the Russian missiles, and given the fact that this aircraft was never tested in battle, there is an assumption that the aircraft could be a powerful enemy only on paper. ”, - reported in the publication "Sina".

In the coming years, the United States of America wants to release several thousand F-35 fighters, while it is planned to spend more than 200 billion dollars for technical equipping, which is not caused by the cheapening of the project, as US President Donald Trump said, but only to its rise in price.

Earlier, the publication "East Day" also called the project of the American fighter of the fifth generation F-35, one of the worst in history, due to the low efficiency of these aircraft.

* F-35 - family of unobtrusive multifunctional fighter-bombers of the fifth generation, developed by the American firm Lockheed Martin in three versions: ground-based fighter (CTOL) for the US Air Force, a short-range takeoff and vertical landing (STOVL) for the US Marine Corps and Navy Great Britain, and a deck fighter (CV) for the needs of the US Navy.

The fact that US planes are sold out is not because of their qualities but because of the policy .... those countries that buy have about the US government and they impose the purchase of this rubbish ....

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Not that China does the best airplanes or Russia ??? So far, we do not see this, but we see only that the American F-35 is gradually sold out, and our "drying" excrement called


Best in the world of aviation