In the US, talking about the "strange" Russian rocket

The American media are thinking about the "strange" Russian aviation rocket.

Specialists of the American edition of The National Interest drew attention to a serious wave of indignations against the Russian R-77 aircraft missiles, which both in the USA and in India were actively criticized for their low effectiveness during the military clashes of the Pakistani and Indian Air Forces this year, however Despite the fact that in India these rockets were called completely ineffective, it became known that Delhi would spend millions of dollars on their own purchase.

“Sources in the Indian Air Force told NDTV that Russian missiles do not meet the stated range and cannot hit targets that are more than 80 kilometers away. It’s strange that, criticizing Russian missiles and buying Israeli ones, the Indian Air Force is said to be ordering even more Russian missiles. ”- notes the specialist "The National Interest".

Earlier, it really became known that India intends to acquire a large batch of Russian air-launched missiles, which she herself criticized, and therefore the question arises as to whether the Russian Р-77 missiles are really so bad, or if India is only trying to shoot down price