The elimination of Suleymani


In the US, they announced the elimination of an Iranian general who replaced the killed Kassem Suleimani

In the United States, they announced the liquidation of the Iranian general who replaced Kassem Suleimani.

The US Special Representative for Iran, Brian Hook, said in an interview with Ashark al-Avsat that Commander Ismail Ghani, who replaced the liquidated Iranian General Kassim Suleymani, would be liquidated in the same way, provided that the IRGC would continue to destabilize the region.

“The US will kill the commander of the Quds forces, Brigadier General Ishmael Ghani, if he goes against the Americans, warned US Special Representative for Iran Brian Hook. “If Ghani follows the same path of killing Americans, he will suffer the same fate,” said Hook, giving an interview to the London-based Arab newspaper Asharq al-Avsat. According to the American diplomat, President Trump made it very clear that any attack on Americans or American interests would be met with a decisive response, which the president demonstrated on January 2. Hook also said that he believes that the “Iranian regime” now “understands that they cannot attack America and get away with it” ”, - gives the information "Al masdar news».

Such a statement could lead to a very serious escalation in the region, including Iran could very well take preventive measures and attack US military bases without warning, provided that Tehran receives information about the US’s readiness to implement a plan to eliminate Ghana.

"The American people are so fooled by well-established propaganda that they considered the bombing of Belgrade a holy act."

Did you yourself understand what you wrote - the bombing of another people is a holy act? Yes, they have humanitarian bombing, this is a favorite pastime of the Anglo-Saxons (especially the Pendos). Their election campaign is won by bombing. Another president bombed, another country - he won the election, because the people, looking at this, said - oh, he’s cool, you have to vote for him. Not so stupid American people, that would not understand basic things.

Those. Mikhail Zadornov’s statement is true: “Well, the Americans are stupid!”

the American people and government are one!

I want to say that when we say AMERICANS we mean the government of America: this is not the same thing, just like ours. The American people are so fooled by the well-established propaganda that they considered the bombing of Belgrade a holy act. The people and the Government in most cases are not the same. The people of America do not understand that their government is a flock of bastards in relation to their people. how many American guys died in Korea, Vietnam, etc.? For what? There is no disputable truth: only a strong, knocking-down blow to the forehead will stop a brazen hooligan. And now, if one day 2-3 aircraft carriers go to the bottom and fly up to a large base in Asia or Europe, they will "calm down" and cease to want to be "world" rangers.

But the stream of coffins did not cool the ardor of another state in Syria, apparently there is cannon fodder, and not soldiers?

Izzy, what god do you believe in? In Jewish tribal? Who patronizes the hateful, Masonic-Zionist state of the United States? In the case of millions of lives of innocent people, to-ryh this state considers consumables? Izya! In my opinion, you can’t do anything about it! Izzy, do not be offended, but the stronghold of Satan is doomed to disappear! Carthage must be destroyed, and in any case it will be destroyed, and will disappear from the world map! Amen!

May God punish terrorist America and their accomplices.

I think

God bless America!

Only the flow of coffins to America can cool the ardor of the Americans. There is no other way.


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