Nuclear weapons


In the United States declared the use of Russian nuclear weapons

In the United States are confident that Russia is ready to use nuclear weapons

Voice of America reports that General Curtis Scaparotti, head of the European command of the US Armed Forces, commander of NATO forces in Europe, said that Russia is modernizing the armed forces. Its purpose is to ensure efficiency.

"Russians want to act so quickly that the US does not have time to intervene in the conflict that has begun", - he said.

Speaking to the Armed Services Committee of the House of Representatives of the US Congress, the general stressed that the Russian Federation is not able to confront the United States of America in a protracted conflict, during which conventional types of weapons are used. According to Scaparotti, Moscow is seriously thinking about using nuclear weapons for a quick victory over weak countries. Such a goal, the general assumes, is an integral part of the “Russian military doctrine”.

Other military officials of the Pentagon and NATO are confident that such a strategy, "Escalation to dominate"It is typical for China. According to the military, in the course of events in this scenario, the United States will find itself in a difficult situation, while in the United States they did not mention that all the recent wars on the planet were unleashed on the part of Washington.

On March 13, General Scaparotti made a statement. It follows from it that Russia is carrying out military modernization, but Washington surpasses Moscow in this area. In order for such dominance to continue, investments are needed in the US military.

Of course, with the current situation, everything will start from Europe. the United States does not have a hyper weapon, and it is necessary to win in a matter of minutes, otherwise the pipets themselves will come. for this you need Europe and Japan with Yu.Koroy. some wise guy dreams in the Pentagon to complete everything in 5 min. not realizing that not all complexes in the European part of the Russian Federation

The fascist-terrorist state of the USA became agitated. Understands that only Russia can destroy this American sv-ch as Hitler's Germany and no allies will fit.

why do they think that nuclear weapons will be applied in Europe? and not against us?

With themselves written off. Finishing defeated Japan with nuclear bombs is in the spirit of the Pindos. And the key phrase in this, at first glance, absolute nonsense - "In order for such dominance to continue, investments are needed in the US military."

The rhetoric has been alarming lately. Yes, and B-52 at the borders too. And there are accidents ...

Any General Staff plans actions on the use of forces and means on the basis of the concepts of law and force, no one ever aggressions without a reason, therefore any action on the part falls under the answer to aggressive plans, the degree of aggression is only a question of evaluation and interpretation. It used to be blood for blood, an eye for an eye, now an intention for an intention, a demonstration for a demonstration, symmetry for asymmetry :-), we always speak from ourselves, for ourselves, in our own words, based on our own positions — Americans simply state that who understand, who can exercise, talk about the methods and approaches to solving their problems.

So, "Voice of America" ​​was silent for a long time ...