In the United States announced the hacking of Russian air defense S-400 in Kaliningrad

The American general announced the hacking of Russian air defense in the Kaliningrad region.

As part of the upcoming largest NATO military exercises near the borders of Russia, US General David Goldfein made an unexpected statement that the US was able to break into the defense of air defense systems protecting the westernmost borders of Russia. According to a senior US officer, defense of the air defense of the Kaliningrad region "Full of holes like Swiss cheese."

“Your protection is in holes, like Swiss cheese, we know these holes, we can use them, we can penetrate them and keep objects in your area in sight”- said Chief of Staff of the US Air Force.

Based on a statement by Goldfein, experts drew attention to the fact that several months ago there was information that Turkey had transmitted to the American military all information about the frequencies used by the Russian S-400 Triumph, and given the fact that the main stronghold of air defense The Kaliningrad region is represented precisely by these means, the statement of the American general causes a lot of fears.

“If the United States really took control of the frequencies used by the Russian S-400, then hacking it and developing countermeasures is only a matter of time, provided that the frequencies are not constant. On the other hand, the S-400 developers could well have foreseen such steps and used completely different frequencies. ”, - the expert believes.

It should be clarified that American electronic and electronic reconnaissance aircraft regularly find themselves in the positional areas of the Russian S-400, and this fact causes very serious concern.

Typically, in such systems there are several modes of operation and for each mode there will be specific features, including frequencies

I’m not sure that they hacked, considering how Iran didn’t break anything at all, it’s just vie @ al and that’s all. Well, let’s check now. Nobody has exchanged SNF, what is all this idle talk about for the Limitrophs (Papuans in the Baltic States) to pay for phantom defense?

Speak hacked? So then forward to the embrasure. And we will see who really hacks someone

So, what is next ? Let’s say they’ve hacked, let’s try to penetrate, since they are so brave. And we’ll see how to meet “dear guests” - either bread and salt, or a weighty kick in the ass

America says, America says ... so what? Iran gave a slap in the face and everything, settled down the Americans ... as in the Fable "Elephant and Pug" even scare everyone .. scare .. why? they won’t attack one thing ... North Korea is not afraid of them, Iran is not afraid of them, should we really be afraid? ... if there is a flood, it will be the end of all life on the planet. and if someone survives, he will throw civilization back into the Stone Age. Everything will be destroyed, the Internet, the banking system, the economy, etc. .... there are no madmen. God will not allow this.

Well then WELCOM !!! And we will see!


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