In the Sumy region, the latest planning bomb destroyed the point of temporary deployment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

A night strike on the point of temporary deployment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Sumy region was carried out by a planning bomb.

Initially, it was reported that the attacks on the Sumy region of Ukraine were carried out using shahid drones. However, fragments found at the impact site indicate that the impact was nevertheless delivered using the universal planning and correction module (UMPC). Moreover, judging by the destruction and the size of the wreckage, the FAB-1500 high-explosive aerial bomb was more than likely used as a warhead.

According to the data available at the moment, the building of the former school, where the temporary deployment point of the Ukrainian army was deployed, was destroyed by the blow. According to various sources, up to 200-300 military personnel could be on the territory of the former school, who, when using such an aerial bomb, were guaranteed to be eliminated.

It is noteworthy that planning bombs are a very effective means of destruction, since to date not a single reliable case of intercepting such ammunition by air defense systems has been recorded, and aviation is not exposed to air defense strikes.


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