Syktyvkar Airport


In Syktyvkar, the Komiaviatrans aircraft miraculously escaped the collision with the drones

In Syktyvkar, the drones interfere with the flight of aircraft.

As it became known to the resource, the plane of the domestic airline "Komiaviatrans", when performing the flight from Syktyvkar to Usinsk, with the completion of an intermediate landing in Ukhta, was forced to fly a distance of 100 meters between two drones, which at the time of takeoff were in the air, that created a threat of collision.

Police officers are currently trying to identify the identity of citizens piloting unmanned aerial vehicles, and it is likely that if the guilty can be identified, they will face a fairly large fine.

According to preliminary data, the incident occurred 5 November around 17 hours 50 minutes, however, the flight was carried out according to the established schedule.