The engine aircraft


In Tomsk the plane rolled out for the dimensions of the runway

At the airport of Tomsk the plane deployed on the runway.

According to information and news agency, this afternoon, the passenger plane of the Russian airline "Turukhan", while taxiing to the runway, deployed at 180 degrees, resulting in the aircraft was outside the runway. As a result of an emergency, none of the people who were on board, and according to preliminary data we are talking about 3 crew members and 44 passengers, was not injured, just as the aircraft itself avoided any damage.

At the moment, after the incident, a pre-investigation check is conducted in order to establish all the circumstances of the incident.

Crew An + 24 is 4 person, not 3! Commander, 2 pilot, board / mechanic and stewardess. And EVERYTHING! An + 26. Commander, 2 pilot, flight mechanic, navigator, stewardess, board operator!