In the Tula region found a fallen drone of unknown origin

An unknown drone crashed again in the Tula region.

According to local residents, an unidentified unmanned aerial vehicle was found in the Tula region. The type and ownership of the drone is still being clarified. However, apparently, we are talking about an attempt to repeat the incident with a previously fallen drone in this region.

As journalists managed to find out, an unmanned aerial vehicle fell into a field between the settlements of Petrovskoye and Malovel, Odoevsky district, Tula region. It is reported that the drone was found already fallen. This does not exclude the possibility that the drone could have been here for quite a long time. There are no official statements on this yet. However, if we are talking about a Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicle, then the latter covered at least 250 kilometers (provided that it was launched from the territory of Ukraine - ed.), and the drone itself has very large dimensions.

The details of the incident are currently being investigated, while it remains unknown whether the drone carried any improvised explosive devices and whether it was a strike-type drone.


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