Passenger plane


In Ufa, an airplane with shift workers

At the airport of Ufa made an emergency landing aircraft.

According to the portal, the aircraft of the air carrier Gazprom Avia transported shift workers from Ufa to the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, however, almost immediately after the flight, the aircraft commander drew attention to the malfunction of two engines at the same time, and therefore requested an opportunity to urgently return to the airport of departure. As a result of the accident, none of the people were injured, and as it turned out later, the main cause of the problem was the refusal to bleed each of the engines, however, the circumstances that preceded it are still unknown.

There have not been any official comments from the management of "Gazprom Avia" airlines.

And what do not specify that this is a superjet? And what's the problem with them all the time?

And the type of vessel to write ethics does not allow?)