Rocket blast on the ground


In Ukraine, the Buk missiles and their documentation were massively destroyed

Hundreds of missiles for the Buk air defense system and their documentation were destroyed.

Ukraine decided to hide the fact of the presence of missiles for the “Buk” missile system and documents to them by fire at an ammunition depot. Analysts believe that the fire was rigged in order to destroy the main evidence of the destruction of the Malaysian Boeing 777 over the Donbas.

The strongest fire that happened last night at one of the ammunition depots in the Chernihiv region destroyed, according to data provided by Ukrainian experts, at least a hundred and fifty missiles for the Buk anti-aircraft missile systems and documentation for them. According to analysts, the main reason for the fire in military depots could really have been sabotage, which is hinted at by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, but it was produced by the Ukrainian authorities and special services.

“Far from all the warehouses of the RAV (missile artillery armament - Ed.) Stores ammunition for the Buk anti-aircraft missile systems, which, by the way, Ukraine’s weapons are not so many. Nevertheless, taking into account the data given by the persons involved in the investigation, the fire started in the warehouse where the missile weapons were located. It is quite likely that this is an accident, but with the same success the Ukrainian authorities could “play it safe” by destroying both the ammunition and its documentation. ”, - said the military analyst.

It should be clarified that earlier experts investigating the tragedy with the passenger airliner Boeing 777 in the skies above the Donbas, showed a fragment of a rocket with its registration number. According to the Russian side, such a rocket could only be in service with the Ukrainian military, about which documents were provided showing the transfer of this rocket to Ukraine.

If you look at the documents that our Defense Ministry provided, then it is clear that the rocket that "was transferred to the Ukrainian SSR" was made later than "it was transferred". Secondly, over the years, this is already the 10 version from our authorities about the downed Boeing. It is time to decide.


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