Shadow of helicopter


Ukraine has tested the new helicopter

In Ukraine, tested a new high-speed helicopter.

The latest powerful helicopter W-2 was developed by «Softex-Aero» in the middle of last year, at the same time, Ukrainian aircraft builders managed to implement the project in a fairly short period of time, as evidenced by the fact that from the inception of the concept prior to aircraft testing took a little more than a year.

Helicopter W-2 can carry on its board to two people at the same time, being equipped with a powerful gas turbine engine, the helicopter can reach a maximum flight speed of up to 240 km \ h.

Experts believe that after all the necessary tests, the new project will interest not only to consumers in the country, but also to foreign buyers.

Ka-50 develops up to 400 per hour. 240 is an amateur level. I congratulate sovramshi.