In Ukraine, destroyed the latest American radar for 14 million dollars

The latest American radar was destroyed in Ukraine.

According to information provided by the GLAS news publication, the costly US counter-battery radar AN / TPQ-92, estimated at 36-13 million dollars, was destroyed at the front-line command post of the 15 brigade. As it turned out, the expensive radar was destroyed due to the banal sloppiness and non-observance of safety measures by military personnel.

“The fire arose as a result of a rupture of a gas cylinder during construction work. The Ukrainian security forces were able to extinguish the fire only after four hours. However, during this time, the fire was able to destroy the American radar of the artillery reconnaissance station AN / TPQ-36, which the USA provided to Ukraine ", - gives the information "VOICE».

So far, no comments have been received by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine on this subject, however, experts draw attention to the fact that in reality, the version with fire could only be used to simulate the loss of expensive military equipment, while the latter could have been delivered to any other country, as has already been observed with the Javelin ATGM

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No "In" Ukraine. There has always been and will be "ON" Ukraine. No need to change the Russian language ... Sold in the DNI.

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What does it mean? Are there any other options?

... not "in" Ukraine, but "ON" Ukraine .... read TG Shevchenko in the original ... diplomas ....

Our people are probably already studying the "burnt out" Pindos radar and draw conclusions on how to deal with it.

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There he is dear, maybe the Americans will get tired of delivering all their stale crap to Ukarin, anyway they’ll either destroy it or sell it, they still don’t give good things, but this is only the cost in large zeros. remember their “Hammers” full of holes, decommissioned boats, “Javelins” sold, which the US did not have time to take back, there’s no sense anyway.

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Stop distorting the Russian language. Correctly write "in Ukraine", not "in". This is the same as writing "in the outskirts" instead of "in the outskirts."

Not in Ukraine, but in Ukraine. We respect T. Shevchenko.

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And after that, some people deny that we are not one people. With our radar we managed to drown a whole dock and even tear off half the side of the ship. So gentlemen, Ukrainians are our brothers and all.

Ukrainian approaches the American: Is there a radar? And if I find it?

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