Aircraft IL-20


The destruction of Il-20 is to blame for the military command?

The incident with the destruction of the Russian Il-20 in Syria was a disgrace for the Russian army.

The inability of the Russian military to protect the downed aircraft of IL-20, caused a strong resonance in society and disgraced Russian military power throughout the world. This is caused by a number of facts, which the military analyst decided to share.

"Despite the fact that the Russian Il-20 was supposed to land at the Khmeimim airbase in just a few minutes, which clearly indicated great risks, the military command did not consider it necessary to urgently contact the Israeli military. It is likely that this would prevent such an incident and 14 victims, but the command could not soberly assess the situation ", - emphasizes the expert.

"During the Israeli attack, which, incidentally, lasted 40 minutes, the Russian military did not take any measures to destroy aircraft posing a threat to Russian military facilities", - the expert marks.

"Given the availability of modern radar, the commanders could not even understand who exactly and where the fire was from Syria. Initially, Israel tried to blame the destruction of the aircraft, after - the French military cruiser. Why did the US immediately claim that Il-20 was shot down by a C-200 missile, and the Russian military installed it only in 10 hours? In general, I wonder why Israel blames the tragedy. Yes, Israeli aircraft could be covered by a Russian EW aircraft, but at the same time, they have no real fault, but there are a lot of questions to the Russian military, because they had to ensure the safety of both the aircraft and its own military bases that were subjected to Israeli shelling ", - the expert asks.

"And how can the Russian military explain the banal ignorance of how many people were on board the downed aircraft? Initially, it was said that we are talking about 14 military personnel, later it was said that we are talking about 15 military, but as it turned out, in fact, one of them never carried out flights at all. This is utter incompetence! ", - concluded the military analyst.

Similar views were also voiced by ordinary citizens who are outraged by the lack of proper measures to protect the Russian military aircraft.

"It's a shame! We declare that we are ready to destroy any aggressor, but we lose a military aircraft in three dozen kilometers from our own base! We have "smart" missiles capable of hitting enemy aircraft at distances of 400 kilometers, but we do not use them. We have leverage against Israel, but we do not use them. It is obvious that the Russian military are themselves to blame for this situation ", - the user of the social network "Vkontakte" comments on the news.

How can you let an American fly over our territory? Yes, now I can not sleep peacefully, right! They are afraid of losing their fortune abroad. Oh, something did not calm me.

Our rulers know how to justify themselves, we have the best defense, and the face of Russia is cleaned constantly ridiculously and bitterly, 1 / 6 part of the land with innumerable riches can not stand up for itself. Conclusion is a fear of losing your fortunes abroad.

The article is logical, but the military - the executors of orders from above and the fact that they do not try to shoot down enemy planes of Israel - apparently, such an order from the Kremlin !? At the request of Israel, Putin abolished the supply of S-300 to the Syrian Republic, with the presence of the Syrians - Israelis generally would not have sucked their noses into Syria!
Warning less than a minute and the fool is clear that this is just for excuse and with modern means of tracking, they deliberately used the presence of IL-20 in this zone.