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In Volgograd, the plane of the low-cost "Pobeda"

The passenger airliner of the Pobeda airline made an emergency landing in Volgograd.

According to IA, the passenger plane Boeing 737, belonging to the air carrier Pobeda, and carrying out the flight from St. Petersburg to Nalchik, made an emergency landing at the airport in Volgograd, the main circumstance was the behavior of one of the passengers who decided to smoke in the cabin right during the flight.

It is reported that the passenger who smoked on board the aircraft was subsequently transferred to the police, while the air carrier intends to recover from the man compensation for the forced landing and the consequences created by the delay in the flight.

The flight had to be carried out without a forced landing, so as not to cause inconvenience to passengers. And then they work for the public with fines. it is evident that the penalty for smoking aboard the loukoster is not satisfactory. A violator could be handed over and at the final point, put. Since thin flight attendants can not calm the offender, let them carry security along with them.