Volgograd Airport


In Volgograd, a smoked passenger was removed from the flight

In Volgograd, because of the passenger who smoked on board, the passenger plane urgently boarded.

As follows from the data provided by the Ministry of Internal Affairs on transport in the Privolzhsky district, on the eve of the day, an unplanned landing of a passenger airplane carrying out a flight from Nazran to Moscow was made at the airport of Volgograd. The main circumstance was the inadequate behavior of the passenger who disregarded the rules, and decided to smoke in the cabin of the aircraft, thereby provoking the crew to make an emergency landing.

It is reported that after landing in the air harbor of Volgograd, the passenger was detained by police officers who made a report on administrative offenses against 35-year-old man, while it is possible that the air carrier will intend to recover from the smoker compensation for unscheduled landing.