In Yakutia I went Emergencies Ministry plane with food.


In Yakutia I went Emergencies Ministry plane with food.

2 November it became known that the remote plane of Yakutia, where there was a shortage of products, went to the plane of the Ministry of Emergencies from the Moscow region. Specialists who also flew to the districts will assess the situation on the spot.

What happened in Yakutia was due to the inaccessibility of areas in which heavy transports could not reach. Special winter roads have not yet been completed, and the rivers are icy in places.

40 tons of food required residents sent a private plane, it is very effect on prices.

It's time to finally resolve the issue of buying aircraft for small aircraft, the restoration of abandoned airports. After all, in the backwoods of Russia, former employees of Aeroflot, as far as they can, support dilapidated runways with their own money. The country is huge, roads are absent 9 months a year, and nature increasingly presents us with surprises. We were so carried away by rockets that aircraft construction was left without state effective support. How painful to watch reports, where former academy teachers, pilots, sweep the streets. So when will finally update the fleet of aircraft, no matter what the pilots risk their lives, nor do people suffer from hunger? And this is in the 21 century, in an area where furs, gold, oil, in an area that can contain the whole of Europe!

Yes, people live in such places that it is very difficult to get to them. In Yakutia, there are many hard-to-reach areas. Vital products have to be delivered on private planes. Big costs, great prices.