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In the Sea of ​​Japan have experienced the Russian complex "Dagger"

The Russian military tested the Dagger complex in the Sea of ​​Japan.

The press service of the Eastern Military District reports that ships and aircraft of the Pacific Fleet conducted exercises in the Sea of ​​Japan, in the framework of which the submarine of the conditional enemy was "destroyed". During the exercises, rocket launches were carried out with the Dagger complex (Kinzhal anti-aircraft missile complex - ed.), Covering the ships from the aircraft of a conditional enemy.

Both anti-submarine ships Admiral Vinogradov and Admiral Tributs and aircraft were involved in the exercises - long-range anti-submarine aircraft Tu-142 and Il-38, as well as anti-submarine helicopters Ka-XNUMHPL.

The purpose of the exercises was a comprehensive development of actions to ensure the protection of Russian borders from a possible attack from the east, while experts, the Russian fleet and combat aircraft, successfully coped with the task.

Japan, in turn, expressed disapproval in connection with the conduct of Russian military exercises near its borders.

This is a short-range air defense system, is on the ship


Who is the carrier of the "dagger"?