Crash plane South Sudan


In southern Sudan crashed airliner

In southern Sudan crashed airliner.

At the moment, the authorities have reported that on board the crashed airliner was 44 person, while it is mentioned that 14 people were hospitalized with various injuries and wounds, however, about the fate of other people, is that the information is not available.

Resource notes the fact that the information originally appeared that all on board the aircraft were killed people, however, current data indicate otherwise.

There were on board the crashed aircraft citizens of the Russian Federation, is what remains unknown - the solution of the question involved the representatives of the Russian Embassy.

Warning: Hello, here please recently so-so, I wrote about the safety and the ups and this shall please the case, I certainly understand it all for what happened but there may be raffled lot and the version that was denied all devices are not excluded and may further be due to the terrorist attack. ..