Shop Duty Free


"Duty Free" shops will appear in the arrival zones of Russian airports

Stores "Duty Free" will appear in the arrival zones of Russian airports as early as 2018.

The appearance of duty free shops "Duty Free" in the arrivals areas of major international Russian airports is mainly due to the fact that starting from 1 January 2018, the Customs Code of the EAEC enters into force. In fact, this will improve the quality of service at Russian airports, and will provide an opportunity to receive additional profits.

Among other things, there was information that with the opening of stores "Duty Free" in the arrival zones, stores in the departure zones may be closed, which will minimize the likelihood that the alcohol purchased here will be consumed directly on board the aircraft.

But I do not think that this is a good idea, because in foreign duty-free shops the choice is much bigger and better, and the prices are somewhat lower. It is unlikely that a passenger, very often a transit one, will come to mind buying anything on arrival. A departing always Something will buy before the flight as a souvenir. As for alcohol, it can be bought on board and, if desired, consumed. Business class passengers have the opportunity to drink alcohol, and in unlimited quantities, but this somehow do not abuse