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Washington refused to help militants in the defense of the borders of Syria

The United States refuses to intervene in the offensive in southwestern Syria.

Despite that fact. that earlier Washington sent a number of warnings to Russia and Syria that the military wide-scale offensive operation on the border with Jordan and Israel is unacceptable, and some points and at all according to experts could be considered as direct threatsThe United States refused to intervene in this situation, inviting the militants to independently address this issue.

"We in the United States understand the difficult conditions that you are facing now, and we still advise Russia and the Syrian regime not to undertake any military actions that violate the zone of de-escalation in Syria. Nevertheless, we need to clarify our position: we understand that you need to make your decision based on your interests and the interests of your families and factions, as you see them. You should not base your decision on the assumption or expectation of military intervention by us. You need to make a decision based on your assessment of your interests and the interests of your families. This evaluation and this decision is only in your hands ", - said in an official message.

Experts believe that in this way the United States is aware of the consequences of interfering in an offensive operation in southwestern Syria, and therefore do not want to enter into a military conflict with Russia and Syria, intending to continue to keep the northern part of the Arab Republic under its control.

It should be clarified that over the past day, Russian military aerial reconnaissance aircraft destroyed at least a hundred fighters in the offensive operation, which contributed to the most powerful bombardment of the provinces of Daria and Suweida.

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