Mike Pence


Washington accidentally "advertised" Russian weapons

Vice President Mike Pence advertised Russian arms to the whole world.

American Vice President Mike Pence, speaking at the Munich Security Conference, said that the United States would be ready to immediately respond to the actions of any country, including NATO partners, who decide to buy Russian weapons. According to analysts, the attempt to intimidate the world has become the best advertisement for Russian weapons, since in this case, the United States has demonstrated its vulnerability to Russian missiles, helicopters and combat aircraft.

“We made it clear that we will not stand with folded arms when NATO allies will buy weapons from our opponents”- stressed Pence.

What exactly is the United States of America "made it clear to the world", the US Vice-President did not specify, however, it should be noted that China, India, Turkey and a number of other countries continue to be actively interested in Russian arms, in particular, within the next 4-5 months Russia will be ready to deliver the first C-400 SAMs to Turkey "Triumph".

“The world is beginning to realize that if Russian weapons are frightening to the United States, then it means that they many times exceed the weapons produced in the United States. This is the best advertisement Washington has made. ”, - the analyst notes.

It should be clarified that in the near future India may conclude with Russia a large contract for the supply of MiG-35 fighter jets, the total value of which is estimated at 15-18 billion dollars.

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