Iranian Air Force


Washington announced its intention to attack Iran

In the US, Iran was considered the main threat in the Middle East.

Despite the fact that the United States unilaterally broke off the deal with Iran on the nuclear program, accused that country of aggression against Israel and called it the main threat to the Middle East, this afternoon in Washington, they started talking about the intention to strike a large blow on Iran. The reason for this was the alleged interference of Tehran in the internal and external affairs of Iraq

According to Washington, official Tehran interferes in Iraq's internal and external affairs, as a result of which, against the presence of American diplomats and military personnel in this country, civilians act. This is the city of Basra, where for several days there have been protests of civilians who several times tried to attack the US diplomatic mission.

"The White House believes that Iran is responsible for the riots in Iraq's Basra and the attack on the American diplomatic mission", - said in Washington.

Specialists have suggested that in reality, the United States of America is only trying to find a new reason for attacking Iran.

"The US should bomb Iran and bring its" democracy "there, as the entire Middle East will be under the control of this country. For the US, this is extremely beneficial. Nevertheless, Iran is rapidly rearming, acquiring modern air defense systems, modernizing its air force and developing military cooperation with Russia and China, and in this case time is playing against Washington's policy ", - said the analyst