Lead designer of RSK "MiG" was found with a cut throat

The unknown tried to kill the leading designer of the MiG.

At the moment, it is known that the lead designer of the joint-stock company “Russian Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation“ MiG ”, Alexei Smetannikov, was found in one of the premises of the plant with a throat cut. According to the Avia.pro resource, the wound was made with a knife, and thanks to the first medical aid provided by the company's employees who discovered the victim, the man was hospitalized at the Botkin Hospital, where he is now under medical supervision.

It should be clarified that the version that a man could have cut himself during the lunch break initially appeared, however, an extensive wound does indicate the fact that the incident is criminal in nature.

The FSB does not work at all. About Queen 10 years after the death they found out, but now the directors, leading, not leading on TV show. So soon one Ragozin will remain.

Another attempt to eliminate a talented engineer. On 100% it is assured, that are massed or similar to them. FSB missed ..., and maybe in their ranks there are also such?