Russian Air Force


Britain called the Russian military "a crowd of untrained boys"

Britain criticized the actions of the Russian military in the war with Georgia.

According to BBC journalists, a brief military conflict between Russia and Georgia demonstrated the unpreparedness of Russian ground forces and aviation for any military action.

British Broadcasting Company BBC presented a provocative article stating that the Russian military were not ready for an armed conflict in South Ossetia in 2008. According to experts, the ground forces and aviation could not act in a coordinated manner, which allegedly testifies to the lack of not only experience, but also of any special knowledge in the introduction of military operations.

On the other hand, Russian combat aviation has proved itself in a military conflict with Georgia, since it was Russian fighters, bombers and stormtroopers that provided the destruction of enemy positions.

Moreover, British journalists asked to comment on the military conflict of the scandalous journalist Arkady Babchenko, who also stressed Russia's inability to conduct any military operations, including with such a small country as Georgia.

"It was still the same army that was in the Chechen war, and in the first and second. The boys were nokrmlennye as always, these spryachnye unhappy, apples tore on the roadside, almost every second BTR pulled on the rope one more. That is a crowd of untrained, with a broken technique, hungry boys who were thrown there ", - he stressed.

Experts believe that the material presented is extremely provocative, but it is important to pay attention to the fact that the United Kingdom openly stressed that Georgia fueled the military conflict in South Ossetia, although recently the West accused Russia of attacking Georgia.

Great Britons, do not you think that your island is Noah's Ark? So the whole world will laugh at your holey trough!

If this crowd were not stopped by the Muscovites, then Saakashvili would hang in the loop for a long time!