UK sends depleted uranium shells to Ukraine

Britain will give Ukraine Challenger 2 tanks with depleted uranium shells.

Despite the fact that the Russian side categorically warned the Ukrainian allies that the supply of shells with uranium rods to Kiev would be considered as the use of weapons of mass destruction against Russia, since the risk of environmental contamination in this case is very high, London decided to ignore Moscow's position and that's it. transfer similar ammunition to Ukraine. Apparently, in the UK they underestimate the warning of the Russian side and may well pay for it.

A key feature of such ammunition is that depleted uranium has a high mass density, due to which ammunition from it provides high armor-piercing action and causes significant destruction of any targets and objects. However, with regard to the safety of such ammunition, then opinions differ in different countries. In particular, some experts argue that such ammunition does not cause any environmental damage. However, it is known that during conflicts in which such ammunition was used, real cases of exposure among civilians and military personnel were recorded, although there is still no general official position on this issue.

Putin has no choice but to pre-emptively strike the UK with a nuclear weapon. The red lines have been crossed over and over but this time the message to the western world must be understood.

Obviously, the problem is not in the uranium core, but in the fact that there is nothing to oppose to these shells - only the T-90 can somehow fight back, in the presence of its similar ammunition such as Lead-2 and decent KAZ. But Lead-2, as they say, is in great short supply, and some of them were even captured by the Armed Forces of Ukraine during the throw on Kiev, and there’s nothing more to “sew” the armor of even Leopards-2A4, only from ambushes and modern anti-tank systems with tandem warheads



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