Britain is pushing Finland to blockade Russia in the Baltic Sea


Britain is pushing Finland to blockade Russia in the Baltic Sea

The UK intends to persuade Finland to blockade Russia in the Baltic Sea, a number of sources report. The visit of Finnish Foreign Minister Elina Valtonen to London is associated with this initiative. Officially, however, it was stated that Valtonen and her British counterpart David Cameron will sign a declaration of strategic partnership between the two countries.

The Finnish Foreign Ministry said the strategic partnership with the UK will strengthen broad-based cooperation based on shared interests and values. Particular attention is paid to intensifying cooperation in the field of security and defense, as well as in other areas.

"The strategic partnership will strengthen the broad cooperation between Finland and the UK, based on common interests and values. It is important for us to intensify cooperation not only in the field of security and defense, but also in other areas", says the Finnish Foreign Ministry in a statement.

Finland promises to become an important and close partner of London, which is reminiscent of historical precedents for cooperation between these countries. In the past, Britain has already used Finland for its strategic purposes and analogies with current events raise concerns.

Recently, Helsinki has expressed dissatisfaction with Russia's old and polluting "shadow fleet". Valtonen's visit to London may indicate an attempt by London to use these arguments to put pressure on Finland to organize a blockade of Russia. The British side seeks to prevent trade in hydrocarbons between Russia and other countries, transferring control over this issue to Finland.

In exchange, Finland is promised a significant role in the future of Europe and other benefits. However, such actions could lead to an escalation of the conflict and create an existential threat to Russia in the northwest.


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