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Britain: Putin wants to exchange an airbase in Syria for the recognition of the Crimea

The summit in Helsinki attracts new intrigues.

The British edition of Express published an article in which analysts speculate that during the meeting between US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, the leaders of the two countries can conclude an unspoken deal - the United States of America recognizes the annexation of Crimea to the composition of Russia, and Russia, in turn, will withdraw from Syria the VCS grouping, and will also make efforts to ensure that the territory of the Arab Republic is left by the Iranian military.

According to British analysts, Putin is in dire need of recognizing the Crimea, since it will automatically remove all sanctions from Russia, especially since the Russian president has already instructed to start withdrawing from Russia the Russian military grouping of the VCS. On the other hand, Syria for Russia is primarily a national interest, since with the fall of the Syrian power, only Iran will be Russia's only ally in the Middle East, but it is likely that Putin and Trump will be able to reach consensus on this issue.

Where exactly such information came from British specialists is still unknown, but Syria is one of the most important Russian allies in the Middle East, which raises a lot of questions about whether Vladimir Putin will really give Syria to the American military.

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