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UK: Russia has found a way to grab May by the throat

Britain saw a new Russian threat.

The British news agency “The Sun” published an article in which it is reported that Russia is massively transferring its troops to Libya in order to destabilize the country, influence the price of oil and exert strong political and military pressure on the West.

According to the data that has appeared, Russia has transferred several hundred of its servicemen and heavy armored vehicles to Libya, intending thereby to create a bridgehead for the deployment of a large group of its own troops in this country.

"To date, Russia has deployed two large military bases in Syria, which not only provide cover for important facilities, but also are rapidly expanding through the supply of military equipment", - the edition marks.

Moreover, British experts do not rule out that Russia may have a military airbase in Libya, which will allow it to take control of the whole region and the southern part of Europe, which is currently inaccessible to Russia.

According to the British edition, Russia pursues three main goals in Syria:

  • Influencing the cost of oil;
  • Destabilization of the situation in the country and the region;
  • Providing political and military pressure on the West.

According to British Prime Minister Theresa May, the appearance of the Russian military in Libya poses a serious threat, especially given the fact that the British military are here.

Russia, in turn, completely refutes such information, noting that we are most likely talking about a private military company, however, such PMCs from other European countries are also present in Libya.

Lords Blame all but not them.

Of course, the British C-300 and the Caliber exaggerated. And so, Russia is supporting Haftaru. Today, he already controls about 80% of Libya, there are our PMCs, most likely through Egypt we supply small arms and ammunition (unofficially). Haftar wants to lift the UN embargo on arms supplies to Libya, is interested that the weapon was Russian. In 2016-18, I was twice in Moscow and once on Kuznetsov. Russia proposes the creation of MTO points in the East Libyan ports and contracts for oil production. Haftar support: Russia, Egypt, Emirates. Government in Tripoli: UN and EU. United States while waiting for the winner. Haftar studied military specifics in the USSR, collaborated with the CIA in the 90 after Gaddafi betrayed him, has American citizenship. In addition to these two forces, there are other, but much less influential ones. So Sun runs ahead of the steam locomotive.

The West has destroyed prosperous Libya, and now in the ruins of this country, Russia is preparing a trap for the West. For their readers, probably everything is clear, like, you see, they squeaked poison, etc., just what does Libya have to do with it? I try to understand the logic, well, we destroyed it, plunged it into chaos, and Russia will now intervene and people will start to run from there. And now it turns out they are buzzing there from Western expansion ?! I understand even if we sent the Libyans to avenge the country where it did not go, but for now we don’t need it. Although the Pindos are fighting with someone else's hands, and we should respond with the same coin.

It turns out that the West has built and built a stable stable system, and then Putin came alone (well, an outcast with a torn economy) with one finger destroys this system. Either Putin is powerful, or the system is decrepit, or both together. But it is more likely that someone once again threw a seine into the murky water.

“Europeans are amazing creatures, the British are the most desperate in this sense. - Muslim terrorists crush them with trucks, cut them on the streets, blow up in the subway, at the stadiums, at airports, shoot them in theaters and restaurants, and they scream about the "Russian threat" danger of the GRU and demand to bring them more terrorists ...