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UK: Nuclear strike on Russia is only a matter of time

The UK made a sensational statement.

Experts from Great Britain in an interview with the Express edition stated that a nuclear strike against Russia is inevitable, and it is only a matter of time.

"Despite the supposed opinion that Russia and the United States have relatively good political relations, in reality, the conflict between the two superpowers is much more serious than during the time of the Caribbean crisis. The likelihood that the situation will be discharged is extremely low, and therefore it is logical to state that the whole world is on the verge of nuclear war ", - the newspaper reports.

Earlier, the United States of America made an unambiguous statement that will be ready to deal a nuclear strike against Russia in the event that this country applies its Il-22PP "Porubshchik" aircraft against American space satellites and vehicles, capable of realizing such tasks.

Independent analysts have called the article of the British edition provocative, because to date relations between Russia and the United States are more like an arms race than any military confrontation.

"Great Britain once again escalates the situation, trying to expose Russia as an aggressor, and without offering any options for discussion. This is how Russia becomes an enemy in the eyes of the West. In fact, Russia is not an aggressively-minded country, as Western media present, trying to mislead ordinary citizens, especially to use nuclear weapons against anyone, unnecessarily ", - said the analyst

In the interest of the British, that would never happen. Their island is too small.

and the existence of the Great Britain is also a matter of time.

Potantschik, we have the same high-precision weapons will get high-precision where necessary, do not sink into your pocket.

Well, if they do not mind the grandmother's henhouse, let them scratch their tongues. And while we calculate the azimuth of the route.

What kind of estate after using nuclear weapons, which children?)) The system itself will work, orders from the cynic will not wait. A knotted strategist is cynical.

A preventive strike against England is needed if a blow to us is inevitable?

Britain (a couple of US) arranged for a coup in Russia in 17-m godu.Britania incited Hitler to the USSR. Britannia will never calm down, until Russia does not "reassure" it!

The Anglo-Saxons were completely stunned, but what will remain of the Great Britain after the "response"?!. Never mind!. Only a deserted sea !.

I remembered somehow about the Mexican strait. Cruelly? And let them understand with whom zigryvyut.

Dimochka do not worry! There is an ensign from the DMB, will erase the Pindos, and England is on the first place!

The ur-patriots were again overexcited, exhale. If Russia bombs, it will not be able to respond because the entire capital of the Kremlin officials, children, wives have long been in the West, they will not fire on their own. Russia will turn into a radioactive dump.
In the spring, when the Syrian conflict was ripe, too many ambitions, if a coalition led by the United States strikes at Assad, Russia will respond instantly and "let down" the enemy ships. But in practice a hole from a donut. Russia now is a cardboard country, which has long been used.

A retaliatory strike will not follow, they know this very well and will strike at a convenient time for them. It is profitable for all to destroy the population.

if there is a nuclear war, there will be a war of territories where America is comparable to a heel in comparison with Russia, and also about England and it's all just a matter of time

The fact is that the "shval" will sit in bunkers, and people will destroy! They will not give orders for destruction because they have real estate, families and children there.

It's a shame to see how the former mistress of the seas, with the colonies of slaves around the world, descended to the world. Now she has only to shred her stronger rivals with her foreheads. At the United States, the barking is small, and China is also afraid, but behind the pack of dogs, Russia is considered a bravado. It's a pity once a great country, very sorry.

Victor, what a mess in your head! And yet - in which class did you finish school? It's just a mockery of the language! Oh, I'm sorry!

England in the dust, the United States, in the dust and all who are against ROSSII, - also all - in the dust

It was smooth on paper and forgot about ravines
Read the nuclear doctrine of who and what is responsible for responding to the oncoming strike
Shortly the missile missile launcher recorded missile launches counted the trajectory, the information went straight to the Defense Center from there to the supreme commander-in-chief and only he can make a decision all the rest outside of the lot about which children of officials of their real estate you write at the first launch in Russia the world will be not the same as before in independence will Russia answer or not, and I would not like to live in such a world personally
Yes, and after the attack on Russia, it is better to burn in nuclear flames than to live in that world and even China, wherever they are, they will also follow the launches of these missiles and you think they will sit on the sidelines

Yes, there were in Russia and the United States and England - they escaped, no one drove them out, you want to conquer the Russians? That the Russians would rush to you? For the United States and England to become Russia? Russia will not become like you, you will become like Russia.

They will be exposed to such a note that there is no need for a nuclear strike - how much do they need the island? For the bazaar you have to answer

Seshhea infuriates that Russia has a system of parabia cut down in general all of their nuclear space buttons - that's what they are threatening! Not on the same clown will drag the missile

And it turns out that the football championship did not help us to establish peace in the whole world and to show everyone that we are good, let's be friends with the families. They do not want to understand us, probably because we have millions of hectares of land ambrosia over the thickets, does not want and they live on each other's heads, that's what they want to see us, pulls them hard with us to fraternize, and make profit, and everything goes to the fact that not only the land of the Russian kapets will come and all our balloon pipets will come.

It's time

A provocative article to intimidate the people of Russia, even if everything is destroyed the Perimeter system will make its farewell accompaniment and in the west it is known, so there will be no nuclear war!

Recently, I strongly doubt the ability to initiate an answer at ...

Recently, I started strongly, very strongly, to doubt that the Ruling ... enough spirit to press the trick!

old English technique, in the world politics just watched a long time the film Admiral Ushakov, here and so, pose foreheads their main policy

Yes, let these politicians kill each other. Bombs on their homes let them fold

I wonder what will remain of Britain after the "rebuff" ...))))

A nuclear strike on Russia may remain unanswered, and for reasons not technically, in all respects the country's nuclear shield is in perfect order, the reason is simple for children and families, as well as the property of our corrupt officials for much of the drill, in the west of England, France, The United States, Italy and Spain, whether a person will be able to give a command for the destruction of his loved ones, himself in a sheltered bunker where he can safely survive a nuclear bombing, and that shawl is a people who believed him no longer to save, and to answer for cowardice not before eat.

An Englishwoman spoils .... :-). Old .... A silly article, provokaktsionnaya.Voyna between nuclear powers is impossible, unless an acute suicidal insanity occurs. What is unlikely ...

The feeling that the power is not without purpose is gathering the remaining people in several cities, so that it's easier to destroy everyone .. I can not find another explanation.

Rome was great-fallen, England was great, and everything is also possible

It is necessary to pull off these nedouched monkeys from the nuclear button. So everyone wants (including without forgetting oneself) to bring under the monastery - to destroy. Here it smells - not stupid and even dumber, but more specifically - debilism.

All right said, it's sad that we have a zoo is not worse, and it's a pity, such a Country, and the story ..

American analysts have already calculated the possible options for completing a nuclear war: 1. If the Pindos go to the crime against humanity and attack Russia, then the United States, Europe (including the Anglo-Saxons) and the third part of Russia will be destroyed. 2. If Russia strikes a preemptive blow, then the United States, half of Europe (including the Anglo-Saxons) and a tenth of Russia will be destroyed. Obviously, the United States and Britain have no future, as do not turn!

one must report that in the event of war the island under the name of the UK will not remain a Marian cavity2 and let this micro state less vyakaet.Ot impotence that in London that in the zoo the zoo was arranged by someone who chose them, where they were caught in short supply

And how many nuclear strikes must be made in England to stop this country from being a state? Atomic torpedoes around the coast towns and everything, all 5-6. Although Belfast will return to the Irish.

In the nuclear war, the United Kingdom does not have any chances to survive on the globe. From these miserable islands with the remnants of imperial greatness there will be no trace. And the Anglo-Saxons too. The Englishwoman always shat, the end comes.


Everything is correct. But NS Khrushchev promised to show them "Kuz'kina's mother" but did not show it. Surely no one would vyakal and would spill the name of Stalin. And silence.

Khrushchev: Your pessemasters say that the United Kingdom will have one nuclear missile, optimists, ten. But we want to reassure everyone, we sent forty missiles at you.

No need to spend so much. It is enough to drop one bomb to the left of the island and one to the right of the island. The resulting tsunami will do the rest

it's clear that they will drown the Anglo-Saxons and scare them

In the UK, if the conflict begins, they will have enough missiles and they will only gurgle - they will not be able to bark.

The economic system is determined by production forces. Under the slave-owning line: they are slaves, under the capitalist: wage-workers. By the way, socialism: this is a form of capitalism, with state ownership. Under communism, the basis of productive forces will be robots. There will be no hired workers, as under capitalism, since all production processes will take place without the participation of man. The system of receiving benefits, will be mainly distributive. Since a person does not participate in production and does not receive a salary

In the event of a nuclear strike across Russia, the Mexican-Canadian Strait will appear, the English island will go under water, and the rest of the world will be covered with ashes of the volcano Jelouston. Then comes the nuclear winter. No one will survive. And that's true: "Why do we need a world in which there will be no Russia"?

... and they also called you earthworm ....

+++++ I'm with you!

Hello, yes, I agree that the Great Britain consists of Wales, England, Scotland, part of Ireland .... but this determines the type and style of thinking only from the part. The main signs of imperial thinking are the centuries-old history of permanent conquests, the constant struggle for personal enrichment, in other words for the land ... anywhere in the world ... China, Indonesia, India, Africa, Australia ... personal is more arrogant .. "the country where the sun never sets. " Now imagine how the English sailors, soldiers, representatives of theology in the cassocks, officials and merchants walked along the sea and by sea, beautifully and confidently .... It is easy to give everywhere English names to cities in lands if peoples are less literate, not armed for their era and can not even close to assume the level of insidiousness and deceit ... but you thought something, only with bayonets ... no ... it was by insidiousness, bleeding, of peoples and countries ... and on the island with big Ben watching the process of wars and redistribution .... A ... 550 years of the age of this administrative process and on and the whole picture weighs a lot of pictures in the Tate Gallery and in the British National Gallery, libraries are filled with memories of lords, pirates, conquerors of all stripes above these countries .. But that's not all .... look at the parliament - that's where without any embellishment
"whistle all upstairs" the deputies politely, in English, they cover up what the questions on Russia so comprehensively appeal to the sky, demanding that "rain of justice" be spilled on as usual other countries. Today we are dealing with the disciples of that diplomacy .... there are no other targets in this country, they do not have anywhere to grow ... they even destroyed the water systems of Libya in the desert, they see the whole structure of the world order in their own way-they are the center for determining the sequence of development of the European mass. ... A striking example of the European Union with them .... the British were told to come into operation with the euro countries and pay off for the second third ... sixth ... then their face was stretched out. We are one of the best scorers .... yes you .. you are the most ordinary ... euro-yuyens in the yard a new super fast age Values ​​are turned over and reprogrammed like a cube of Rubik ... Then the fairy tale is over ... and to see your own mistakes is given far away few ... We witnessed the fall of the next USSR: Scotland Ireland and other sovereign lands.


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