Venezuela can sell Russia's legendary American fighter

Maduro can sell the legendary American fighter of Russia

Some overseas publications, in particular "Real Clear Defense", suggest that because of tensions with the United States, Venezuela will transfer the military assets "Made in USA" to Russia. The country's economy is in a deep peak, the recognition by some countries of Juan Guaydo the head of state, driving Maduro into a dead end, which means that he can harm the United States.

Caracas needs real support from Moscow and Beijing. You can make it real by selling American F-16 Fighting Falcon airplanes that are in the Venezuelan Air Force. True, the car is outdated, but it has the necessary information.

Venezuela is the first country in Latin America to buy eighteen F-1982s from the USA and six F-16Bs back in 16. US president Jimmy Carter, who was then in office, was against selling these planes to this country — Washington insisted on selling a weak version of the F-16 / 79 FX Export Fighter. However, Ronald Reagan became president, and Caracas got what he wanted.

After a series of catastrophes, US specialists upgraded the planes purchased by Venezuela. They have increased the reliability of these machines, installed suspensions for AIM-9L Sidewinder "air-to-air" missiles. Later, in the middle of the 90-s, the aircraft was equipped with Israeli laser targeting systems "Litening".

Later, Venezuela’s president was Hugo Chavez, who, despite Washington’s protests, sold one F-16 to Iran. As for Maduro, he is the political heir to Chavez. He needs good relations with Moscow, which means that the sale of such an aircraft to Russia will be a good step on his part.

Analysts of "Real Clear Defense" are confident that for this Maduro will do anything, as well as the USA for the purchase of MiG-21 from Indonesia, MiG-23 from Egypt, MiG-29 from Moldova and Su-27 from Ukraine. American media claim that such aircraft, after careful study, were used in training battles with American pilots.

In the US, they are convinced that it is necessary to hurry with the sale of Maduro, because he suspects that the Americans will strike a blow at the country, and then F-16 will become scrap metal.

As for Moscow, experts know how to use airplanes if they are purchased from Venezuela. The experience of the USSR is not forgotten, because in the course of the Vietnam War, American fighters of the third generation F-5E and even more spectacular F-4E "Phantoms" got into the Union.

However, buying F-16 in Venezuela can benefit Russia. True, this will happen only if they are used as targets. So in Moscow they simply will not agree to pay for the planes as much as Maduro wants. But there is another side, whose opinion can play a role.

In Moscow, interested in the power of Maduro retained. Therefore, Russia can buy planes from Caracas, having paid with new MiG-29, Su-30, etc.

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What a naive author! At the air base in Barcelona, ​​where Russian Sukhoi airplanes are based, and at the BAEL airbase in Maracay, there are a lot of Russian specialists in various technical fields. All that anyone was interested, have long looked. In Venezuela it is very simple. I worked with army helicopters, we climbed everything there, examined it, and showed us everything. Nobody will hide American secrets from Russian comrades!

At one time he served on the SU-7B. And I was in Tushino at an air show, modern drying and blinking machines flew, and they seemed heavy, cumbersome, not agile compared to SU-7B

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